Disks are circular gaskets or seals without an inner hole, very similar to the washers, and the characteristic dimensions are the outside diameter and thickness. The seal obtained with disks is always static and the characteristics are identical to the seal obtained with washers. For further information, please refer to the section "Washers".
Dimensional and aesthetic tolerances
Being very like washers, for all information related to the dimensional and aesthetic tolerances, please refer to the section "Washers - Dimensional and aesthetic tolerances".
Production processes
The processes for making disks are very similar to those for washers, with the sole exception that the disks cannot be obtained from a hose. For further information related to the methods of making disks "by moulding" or "by continuous extrusion", please refer to the section "Washers - Production processes".
Currently available moulds
A Disk Table is available with a list of the available moulds in order of outside diameter.

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Disks gaskets