Bio-medical industry and of the diagnostic equipment

There are many problems to which the O-Rings must respond to when they are used in bio-medical equipment, both for diagnosis and the curing.
In the seal of fluids that come into direct contact with man, the O-Rings must be non-toxic, therefore not leaving toxic substances, not being subject to the formation of mould or bacterial growing. In addition, they must also avoid the accumulation of electrostatic loads that could induce errors into the signal or command recording circuits. In the applications in which the components are subject to radioactive bombardment, the elastomers undergo variations to the entity molecule links, proportional to the intensity and the duration of the radiation. These variations bring modifications to the seal property of the O-Ring, therefore the choice of the compound must consider the influx of the radiation on the structure of the elastomer base.
Our technical department is always on hand to assist in singling out the most suitable product that responds to the norms in force for the regulation of the medical equipment.
Bio-medical industry O-rings