Our Green Core

Smoke and dust abatement system
The Elastotech smoke and dust tower allows the regulation of gas emissions, respecting national and international standards in order to make the air quality cleaner and more preserved. This filtering system creates a work environment free of smokes, gases and fine dust.
Coalescing filter
The coalescence filter system installed by Elastotech to purify the oil mists produced during rubber processing ensures optimal efficiency in terms of separation even in the presence of truly microscopic particles, emission values below the limits set by law and also allows recovery of the liquid (in our case water) which, being reusable, will help reduce the company's waste.
Recycled cardboard
Elastotech uses boxes produced with corrugated cardboard, which is a recyclable material derived from the treatment and reuse of thick sheets or multilayer rigid paper obtained from separate collection, which have been used, discarded or considered waste. This helps to significantly reduce pollution and leads to significant economic savings. In fact, the production of recycled cardboard consumes 70% less water and energy than production derived from natural resources, reducing the number of waste and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. The carton can be reused up to 7 times.
Water treatment and purification
Elastotech is equipped with a water purification and treatment system to allow its reuse in the various production processes of the company. In terms of corporate sustainability, waste water is an important resource as it allows, if treated, to save costs. The system collects all the waste water of the departments in a first tank (called accumulation) and through a chemical process that separates the harmful elements from the water is completely cleaned. Finally, the same is used again within the various company processes: from the irrigation of the green areas, to the use of domestic water in the heating system up to the cooling systems of the presses and to the finishing department.
Our green core