Productive ability

The O-Ring range includes 8.000 sizes that are considered standard, each of which can be realised in 15 types of standard compounds, with 20 different hardness values; some compounds are commonly available in 5 colours... we leave the calculation of the possible combinations up to you!

The realisation of any combination is also possible on request. In parallel with the continuous production of O-Rings, parts are also produced based on specific designs provided by clients. Within our company is a specially equipped mechanical workshop department, in which we design and realise moulds for the production of requested parts, for production or supplying to clients.

In our production department, we have over 8.000 different moulds and new ones are being continually added in order to respond to the increasingly more specific requests of our clientele. 30% of Elastotech's production is for the Italian market while the remaining 70% is destined for export (40% in EEC countries, 30% in the rest of the world), and it is officially recognised by the most important national and foreign industrial concerns such as Fiat, Magneti Marelli, Bosh, Ford, etc.

Our products are used by more than 1.400 clients, most of whom operate in the automobile sector, in the production of electrical goods and in the realisation of products for the distribution and control of gases and liquids.

The company is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and UNI ISO 14001:2015.

Elastotech products have obtained product certification according to European and American standards: EN 549, EN 681 WA e WB, BGA, BS 6920, NF, NSF 61, ACS, DVGW-KTW, WRC-WRAS, issued by the most important international certifying bodies. After this display of numbers and figures we wish to add just one more thing. Elastotech is a company made up of people with great experience, capable of satisfying client's requests and recommending a suitable solution in a sector, that of moulded rubber products, that as we have seen, offers an 'almost infinite' range of solutions.