Sanitary fixtures

The elements used in the sanitary and taps and fitting sector must primarily satisfy the need for resistence to high and low temperaturesand wear and tear (low permanent deformation and high elasticity). But most importantly, they need to have one particular characteristic: non-toxicity. For this reason, when producing these elements, Elastotech uses silicon mixtures with excellent physiological characteristics (in compliance with ACS, NSF, KTW, and so fort).

Gaskets/seals developed for the sanitary fixtures production sector in particular: anti-scale, for high temperatures, anti-abrasive, aesthetic and coloured to RAl or PANTONEĀ® chart, non-toxic, LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber), approved for use in contact hot and cold drinking water (NSF, WRc, KTW, DVGW, ACS, FDA, etc.), very strong, exceptionally resilient, extremely elastic, two-part, rubber-plastic, overprinted, etc.
Rubber gaskets for water systems