Single cones

"Single cones" are the circular seals or gaskets having one flat face while the opposite face is conical. These gaskets are used solely for a static type seal since, unlike washers, they have a greater sealing surface. A special, calculated seat has to be prepared to house them. The seal is usually accomplished by the compression of the single cone between the pipe passing through the inside diameter and a sealing seat having a slightly greater taper than that of the gasket. The flat part may serve as support for the rear thrust of a threaded nut which increases the compression of the single-cone gasket and, locking it, prevents it from coming out. A metal washer may also be inserted between the nut and the flat part of the gasket, which considerably reduces the friction between the nut and the actual rubbery surface. This type of seal is usually used in connections where a higher pressure than normal is expected or where the coupling of perhaps highly different materials may give rise to notable expansion or shrinkage.
Dimensional and aesthetic tolerances
The single cone being a true part designed to request, there are no standards or regulations fixing applicable tolerance limits. Having to have a basis for quality control and in compliance with the standard ISO 9000, Elastotech has, however, defined inspection tolerances for each single item, which vary according to the exact design of the piece, from the dimension of its cross section and the material with which it has been made. Please request the specific tolerances before ordering.
Currently available moulds
Elastotech has over 300 moulds available for the production of single cones. Some of these moulds, however, are the specific property of individual customers and cannot therefore be used for other customers, while others are considered poorly productive. The Single cones table only gives the dimensions of the available moulds for making single cones for free sale and are in order of inside diameter and outside diameter.
Technical sheets
Single cones rubber