List of names

Elastotech has adopted a 'speaking' code system to indicate the compounds used to produce its products. By observing the compound code, one can obtain information regarding the elastomer, the additives used to modify its chemical and physical characteristics, and the hardness. The code that distinguishes each compound appears as: MEZZXX/YY. Each compound is indicated by the prefix ME followed by two figures ZZ that indicate the base elastomer (table 8.1).

Table 8.1: list of compound names

00 - Acrylo-nitrile butadiene (NBR)
01 - Ethylene-propylene (EPM) / Ethylene-propylene-diene (EPDM)
02 - Fluorocarbon (FPM o FKM)
03 - Silicone (Q, MQ, MVQ o VQM)
04 - Styrene butadiene (SBR)
05 - Fluorosilicone (MFQ o FVQM)
06 - Cloroprene (CR)
07 - Vamac (EAM)
08 - Hydronegated nitril (HNBR)
09 - Special compounds
10 - Polyester urethane (AU) / Polyester urethane (EU)
11 - Polyacrylate (ACM)
12 - Epichlorohydrin (CO) / Epichlorohydrin copolymer (ECO)
13 - Butyl (IIR)
14 - Butadiene (BR)
15 - Chlorobutyl (CIIR)
16 - Chlorosulphonal-polyethylene (CSM)
17 - Perfluoro elastomer (FFPM o FFKM)
20 - Liquid silicone (LSR)

We then find two figures XX that identify the type of compound and carry information regarding the substances added to the elastomer to modify its chemical and physical characteristics. The last two figures YY indicate the hardness of the compound. With this coding system, Elastotech distinguishes all the important information for determining the type of compound used in production. Below is a table that summarises the principal elastomer types used (Table 8.2).
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