Double cones

The double cones, also called biconical gaskets, are particular circular items with both faces conical. These seals or gaskets or used for a static seal, often by fall only, between a conical surface and one of the two conical faces of the gasket. Due to the double taper of the faces of the gasket, the outermost part is much smaller and it is therefore easy for it to be deformed by applying just a minimum load. It is therefore in this precise point that the seal is usually made between the thin outside part of the gasket and the more or less conical surface of the seat. To obtain the opening/closing (or seal/non seal) movement of the biconical gasket, it is usually inserted on a rod and suitably secured.
Dimensional and aesthetic tolerances
The double cone being a true part designed on request, there are no standards or regulations fixing applicable aesthetic and dimensional tolerance limits. In compliance with the standard ISO 9000, Elastotech has, however, established tolerances for each single item, which vary according to the exact design of the piece, from the dimension of its cross section, the volume of the gasket and the material with which it has been made. Please contact Sales Office personnel for the tolerance of any items of interest.
Currently available moulds
Over 100 moulds exist for producing biconical gaskets. Some of these, however, are the specific property of individual customers and cannot therefore be used for free sale, while others are considered obsolete and not productive. The Double cones table only gives the dimensions of the available moulds for making double cones for free sale and are in order of inside diameter and outside diameter.
Technical sheets
Double cones gaskets