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In recent years silicone has garnered an important market share, proving it is among the most suitable materials for the manufacture of various types of products.

Chemical and atmospheric resistance, heat, high pressure, excellent elasticity and malleability are just a few of the characteristics this type of rubber offers. The Happyflex brand, made and distributed by Elastotech, has made a name for itself in the last 15 years as one of the most appreciated internationally in the manufacture of silicone items.

The silicone rubber pastes used by Happyflex for the manufacture of its products are polymer masses formulated so that the addition of a suitable catalyser or vulcanising agent allows for objects of all kinds of shapes and colours and effects to be achieved (silicone can be clear, shiny, fluorescent, hot, cold, and even fragrant in its composition).
Some are called High Temperature Vulcanising (HTV), others are called Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) which are particularly suited, due to their low viscosity, to being injected into a mould and in general consist of two components to be blended at the time of the transformation.
Our new machines dedicated to liquid silicone allow us to be ahead of the curve even for this type of process. The vulcanisation process of these products varies based on the type of catalyser or vulcanisation agent and on the process temperature and once completed ensures the food-safe characteristics of the item and the complete elimination of all the volatile substances.

With this competence gained over years of production of silicone items we are putting the quality of our materials and the know-how of our technicians on the market.
Our silicone
Our silicone
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Silicone items