ET LAB is the beating heart of Elastotech. ET LAB is not just a laboratory, it is the place where the gasket project comes to life and where it is checked that the quality standards required by the customer are met.
Feasibility analysis, definition of the most suitable compound, design and implementation of technical drawing of the tooling, cost analysis and offer creation.

These are the primary tasks carried out in the lab. But not only, ET LAB is a place of research and experimentation, of technological innovation to improve customer seals, create new ones, get us closer to the best possible production process. It is a future-oriented place, where data and statistics on internal processes are collected, new patents are studied, and knowledge is sought with the aim of making company resources grow. It is also a teaching place that allows the company to have a generational turnover for the work of tomorrow.

Our team works professionally and with knowledge in the development of new products, tool design and choice of suitable compounds, always in close contact with the customer. Our technical department designs with 2D/3D CAD-CAM programs.