Elastotech production is based on a blending formula which comprises several hundreds of standard compounds, to which another hundred or so can be added of those developed specially for particular, specific requirements.

These compounds have been developed and continually updated to meet the demands and needs of our customers who operate in different industrial sectors.

Rubber technology is not stagnant, but is continually progressing in order to improve the basic properties of the raw elastomers, the working assistants and to try out new ones.

The elastomers should be considered liquids with very high viscosity, uncompressible, with a very high surface tension and they consequently behave in a special way when the manufactured items are inserted into a sealing system and submitted to pressure.

The Quality Department, the Production Department, the Sales Offices as well as the General Management of our company constantly follow the evolution of the technology and experiment new ideas and solutions, just as they are always available to customers to resolve those problems of practical use that cannot be overcome with normal standard formulations.

Lastly, it should be pointed out that the tolerances applied by manufacturers on the hardness of the elastomers are +/- 5 Shore IRHD. re IRHD.
Standard materials for O-rings