When choosing the exact compound to use for making the required articles, it is of fundamental importance to take into consideration the maximum and minimum working temperature of the rubber article as well as the peak temperatures. This is because not all compounds of the same family (e.g. NBR) behave in the same way at low or high temperatures.

Standard compounds, as for example our ME0070/xx range (where xx indicates the hardness), try to maintain an average level of resistance to temperature. Other compounds exist, however, that are often based on a similar formulation to the standard compound but have been studied for low or high temperatures in the presence of particular liquid or gaseous elements, such as steam, or in the case of other special uses.

It should be noted that the temperatures given in the Temperatures Table are not valid for all contact elements, but should be considered only as approximate. By way of example, the resistance to high temperature of our standard FKM compound called ME0270/xx is much higher when immersed in oil than in the presence of steam, resistance to the latter requiring a different, specific compound.
Standard materials for O-rings